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Keith Woodmansee

Keith Woodmansee is another long time Pan Am pilot friend of mine, whom I met shortly after joining Pan Am. Keith was a professional Flight Engineer/Pilot. Keith was also a musician and sometime vocalist. The photos below were taken after he left Pan Am to go with United when United bought the Pan Am Pacific Routes. So instead of the Pan Am "white hat" we have him with the "other" pilot uniform.

Keith is a person who always scheduled his time, got focused and accomplished whatever he set out to do.

He was:

  • A Pan Am Flight Engineer/Pilot

  • An attorney who worked part time for the Public Defenders Office

  • A rehabber. He bought and rehabbed a 24 unit apartment complex

  • A writer, who wrote 2 Pan Am history books

  • An accomplished banjo player

  • Later he began to study gems and buying diamonds

On his pilot photo I wanted to show the serious side of Keith, and the sternness that he is capable of, without making him appear angry. I don't know that I succeeded, but I was happy with the result. His wife thought I made him look too stern.

On the musician photo I wanted to show his love of playing the banjo. It seemed to be an escape for him because, like many musicians they are happiest when they are playing the music they love.

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