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Copper Springs Theater Concert

Vocalist Bill Travis performed in a concert at the Copper Springs Retirement Community Theater with singers Patrick Cunningham, Mike Castillo, Scott Bodily and dancer Amber Robbins.

Patrick Cunningham is a professional singer and a vocal coach who sings classical type songs; vocalist Mike Castillo has performed in local musical theater productions; vocalist Bill Travis is a musician who had his own 17-piece band prior to relocation to the Phoenix area in 2004; Scott Bodily is a professional vocalist and dancer.

Scott and Amber were members of the Herberger dance group prior to it being disbanded after the passing of its' founder.

Vocalist Bill Travis performed standards, also known as songs from the Great American Song Book. Mike Castillo performed some classical songs. Singer, dancer Scott Bodily performed songs from the Great American Song Book.

Scott and his dance partner, Amber Robbins, stole the show with their vocalist, dancer

interpretations of the songs.

On another date, singer Bill Travis performed again at the Copper Springs Theater as a guest of vocalist Mike Castillo and his vocalist partner, Dixie. They sang songs from the Phantom of the Opera.

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