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Dick Mayer

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Pan Am pilot Dick Mayer is a very happy, fun loving guy and a great pilot. He has many interests including being a singer in a Barber Shop Quartet, a musician playing trumpet with Dixleland bands and helping his kids out with learning to ride horses on his property in Danville California.

The Pan Am pilot photo shows the serious side of him that he displays when he dons the uniform.

The musician photos show the humor and fun loving part of his personality that comes out when he

is performing as a vocalist or playing trumpet.

As I mentioned in the first photograph post, these photos are all "proofs" and some of them are flat (without contrast) because they have not been worked on in the dark room. The proofs are only used to determine which photos you wish to print, enlarge and edit in the darkroom. These photos were taken by then pilot musician Bill Travis around 1984. Unfortunately, Dick Mayer passed away just prior to his 80th birthday. His daughter, Debbie, discovered these photos in another blog where I had posted them, and contacted me. It's always sad to hear of the passing of any of my fellow Pan Am pilot friends, but the photos bring back fond memories of my friends. Now, I'll be posting the photos and articles from the other four pilots, that I photographed for that project, on this vocalist, singer web site.

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