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B i o g r a p h y


Vocalist and Musician Bill Travis had a 35 year career as an airline pilot. He flew international routes for Pan American World Airways for 28 years. Bill retired from flying in 1992.

Bill is a musician who played drums since he was in jr. high school. After retiring from Pan Am, he started his own 17-piece Big Band. This band, the Bill Travis Swing Orchestra, and other smaller bands he formed,  played in the San Francisco area until he and his wife relocated to Arizona in 2004.

Instead of forming another band in AZ, Bill decided to become a vocalist. The songs that he grew up with and performed in his Big Band had been in his head for most of his life, so he decided that as a singer, he could enjoy the songs more.

He studied singing with some great vocal coaches, and took on-line vocalist classes with the Berklee College of Music in Boston, and continues studying today, on-line, with musician and vocalist coach Susan Anders, who is based in Nashville.

Bill's first great vocalist coach was Patrick Cunningham with Arizona Music Project. Currently, Patrick and his wife Bonnie are in Oregon, and plan to return to Arizona before too long.

Bill's repertoire includes the Standards (Songs from the Great American Songbook) Blues, Country, Latin Bossa Nova,  Swing, Jazz and Humorous songs. 


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